The Case Of The Missing Tiara

The last time they had spoken to her she was off for Las Vegas with a wad of cash in her pocket and a twinkle in her eye. “I’ll be back in a flash”, she said before she left that Friday. This was Wednesday and still no word from Suzie, the missing Tiara. They had, however, received jokes and movies from a source that appeared to be Suzie but not one word spoken. Had she hocked all of her new furniture on that “sure bet”? They knew how she loved to gamble. Could she have stumbled onto a case of her own? They knew how curious she could be. Might she be performing with Wayne Newton of some other celebrity? Everyone knew how she loved to sing and how the audience loved her. Perhaps the mystery lay with Dan…he had won that big sum on their last venture to Atlantic City. Maybe Dan was having a lucky run and still at the tables. The other Tiaras would just have to wait…

He reached in his pocket and rubbed his lucky rabbit’s foot, the same foot he had taken off that Easter Bunny last hunting season. Still his number wouldn’t come up. Dan concentrated harder, “Seven, come on Seven” that was a lucky number. He looked up from the roulette table to see an Arabian Princess just steps away, the smoke from her cigarette twirling and twisting in the air like some exotic dancer. Upon her head she wore a shimmering tiara and around her ankle, another sparkling tiara charm. “This must be royalty,” he thought.

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