Resumes, WebSites, Sales Flyers, Catalogs, Articles, and Ezines.
Think about this…when someone visits your website, all they have are words to tell them about you, your company and your product. Make those words meaningful, make them convincing, make them sell.

Having trouble finding the right words to say? Got an idea but having trouble getting started? Let me help you. I can take your ideas and write for you.

Working for an advertising company, I proofread and edit copy for simple postcards to 500+ page catalogs. I can be your second set of eyes. Let me proofread your website copy, sales letters, brochures or advertisements. Contact Me Today. Don’t sweat the small stuff, let me proofread your copy before it’s published.

I can edit your already existing copy. Once I have proofread your copy, I can edit it for you. If you have copy that has been translated from another language into English and you find that the copy does not flow smoothly, I will edit that material to make it more concise, accurate and in cohesion with the rest of the copy for your publication.

$50.00 hourly rate
$.045 per word
Hourly rate applies to research if required.
Contact me today for a free quote.
I look forward to working with you.


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